SRSLY began as a youth substance abuse prevention coalition in Chelsea, Michigan. The organization evolved to focus on the impacts of mental health on youth and teens, as it relates to maintaining a substance-free life. We worked with the organization’s stakeholders to Update the SRSLY brand to better demonstrate the coalition’s mission, vision and purpose to increase engagement of parents, children and teens. 

Objective 01
Create Clarity.

Organizations evolve over time which can dilute the brand. Simplifying the identity creates scalability.

Objective 02
Connect across generations.

Authenticity and simplicity in design an communications allow us to meet people where they are.

Objective 03
Establish a brand culture.

An identity design that lives by the brand’s purpose will inspire, engage, and energize a community.

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Jon Eslinger is an award-winning graphic designer, creative director, and brand strategist who has helped launch, grow, and evolve brands with an honest approach to connecting the ambitions of an organization to the hearts and minds of humanity.