Snedicor Cleaners

Snedicor Cleaners

For over 100 years, Snedicor Cleaners has been a leader in the mid-Michigan area for their innovative and environmentally-friendly approach to dry cleaning. In 2021, during the height of the COVID-19 pandemic, Snedicor Cleaners launched their pick up and delivery service. I worked with Snedicor Cleaners, as creative director at DO:BETTER, to update their brand position and identity to better reflect their new on-demand business model.

Objective 01
Tell the right story.

As the brand pivots to an on-demand model, so should the symbolism of the visual identity.

Objective 02
Connect the brand to its value.

A practical, simple, and dependable brand should express the same principles.

Objective 03
Brand the digital experience.

The brand guidelines and identity standards must suit the digital user experience and interface.

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Jon Eslinger is an award-winning graphic designer, creative director, and brand strategist who has helped launch, grow, and evolve brands with an honest approach to connecting the ambitions of an organization to the hearts and minds of humanity.