This Indian fast casual restaurant is authentic and modern, scratch-made traditional dishes and popular street food with something for everyone. It’s a communal food experience meant to be enriched with the company of friends and family and then passed on others. My job as creative director and designer was to rebrand Neehee’s, making the experience even more delightful and distinctive for future franchise opportunities.

Objective 01
Establish a mantra.

Through various interactive workshops, we created a timeless and meaningful brand purpose and position.

Objective 02
Share Happiness.

Perpetuate the brand mantra through all aspects of the visual brand.

Objective 03
Be consistent.

Detailed identity, design, and experience guidelines were developed to ensure consistency and accountability.

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Jon Eslinger is an award-winning graphic designer, creative director, and brand strategist who has helped launch, grow, and evolve brands with an honest approach to connecting the ambitions of an organization to the hearts and minds of humanity.