The Ann Arbor/Ypsilanti Regional Chamber developed a mobile application to connect local creatives to their community. The app allowed creatives and venues to promote their wares and build a stronger network of creative commerce. Working with the A2Y Chamber and their development partner, I helped launched a new platform inspired by the quirky joy and ambition that lives within the Ann Arbor area. The approach has created a unique brand character that, even its infancy, feels established and credible. 

Objective 01
Establish credibility.

As the new kid on the block in a crowded market, the app needed to appear established.

Objective 02
Enhance the brand of Chamber.

NEEDEE is a product of a membership-based organization and the brand had to generate value for the membership.

Objective 03
Demonstrate Scalability.

Build a brand that could tell a lasting story and evolve with the needs of the creative community.

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Jon Eslinger is an award-winning graphic designer, creative director, and brand strategist who has helped launch, grow, and evolve brands with an honest approach to connecting the ambitions of an organization to the hearts and minds of humanity.