The charge was to name a local investing educational program and create a visual brand that connected with investors and community partners across the state of Michigan. The name, Grubstake, is a term used by prospectors and is an amount of material, provisions, or money supplied to an enterprise in return for a share in the resulting profits.

Objective 01
Create curiousity.

Because local investing is an unfamiliar concept for the audience, the brand needs to be something they've never experienced.

Objective 02
Be confident.

With a concept as progressive as local investing, the operations and deliver need to create trust.

Objective 03
Keep 'em guessing.

The brand needed to be way outside on conventional to avoid being categorized by conventional investment opportunities.

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Jon Eslinger is an award-winning graphic designer, creative director, and brand strategist who has helped launch, grow, and evolve brands with an honest approach to connecting the ambitions of an organization to the hearts and minds of humanity.