Jon Eslinger Creative Director & Brand Strategist

Who is this bearded, bald man?

Jon Eslinger is an award-winning graphic designer, creative director, and brand strategist who has played a pivotal role in launching, growing, and evolving brands with an honest approach to connecting the ambitions of an organization to the hearts and minds of humanity.

Recognized by esteemed entities such as Communication Arts, PRINT Magazine, Graphic Design USA, The American Advertising Association, and LogoLounge for his outstanding design and creative work, Jon has also been the architect behind numerous brand strategies that have not only transformed the culture but also elevated the bottom line of billion-dollar organizations.

In addition to founding a branding agency, Jon has established a conference for creative entrepreneurs, an apparel brand catering to professional wrestling enthusiasts, and has dedicated his time to teaching budding creatives to leverage their skills for positive impact.

Known for his no-nonsense attitude, Jon has little patience for bullshit and wants the best for everyone, especially you!

Brand Strategy

Establish a brand’s purpose, vision, and place in the world.

Brand Identity

Develop a brand’s personality and build a relationship with a community.

Logo Design

Design a timeless symbol that represents the brand’s purpose and identity.

Clients Past & Present
Automation Alley
Daimler Chrysler
Eastern Michigan University
General Motors
Lake Trust Credit Union
MGM Grand
Michigan State University
NBA G League
World Economic Forum
Kind Words

“Jon and I worked together to rebrand the Calumet Wolverines Hockey Club, and the experience was nothing short of perfect. He was understanding, responsive and dynamic throughout the entire process. The resulting design elements have been a big part of the team's marketing success. More important than the successful end product was the process Jon led us through to get there, and his attention to detail afterward.”

“We needed a strategic partner who could help us recognize how brand could advance our vision. Jon has helped us shift culture and develop initiatives creating immense value and transforming our organization into a global force. Jon gets business and truly cares about who we are becoming. In many ways, he has shown us who we have the potential to be.”

“Do not miss the opportunity to work with Jon! He provided such excellent service, the whole organization is in love with his work. Jon is very talented, and we feel honored that he was able to work with our brand.”

“Jon is truly blessed and talented within his craft, and beyond. We are very pleased with the final result, and are looking forward to moving forward with this endeavor.”

“I was really stressed out trying to handle a rebrand on my own. I am so thankful I found Jon to take over for me! He was professional and I could tell he loves what they does and that made the process enjoyable.”

“Jon is personable and collaborative. He consistently goes the extra mile and seamlessly coordinates with project stakeholders.”